Show Development

Let us bring Your vision to Life!

Creative Ways to Captivate Your Audience, Sell Your Product, & Provide Enjoyable Entertainment Just right For Your Unique Needs.

American Sideshow Exhibit

P.T. Barnum virtual character

Show scripting and research of Mr Barnum along with murals and timelines of his career.


Scripting and Back-story development for attraction.

Character - Rear projected talking video head, welcomes & introduces the attraction.

[See Scenic Design for more about our complete set & prop designs for this attraction]



Want to capture your customers attention?  Make them laugh?  Or perhaps you need to  "educate while entertaining" your customers - Imaginart' Studios can help create the right show for you!


Whether you need some humorous banter between two lovable characters, or an appropriate character voice welcoming guests to your attraction - Let us help to personalize your guests experience. Give us your script ,or work with us to make the magic happen!




Enhance your themed attraction with that perfect character and soundscape to guide them along on their adventure.

Make your adorable mascot come to life. Whatever your needs - we can make it happen.


At Imaginart Studios we pride ourselves at finding the most intriguingly perfect combination of entertaining and creating an all inclusive, and immersive, experience for your guests.


In fact, our characters are known to develop their own following - as costumers come back time and again, just to visit their new friends.

Buckhorn Museum

Barker Character

Greeter Virtual character to inform guest of what they can expect to find in the museum

Innovative Audience Participation & Interactive Technology, is our Specialty.


The Imaginative Team at Imaginart Studios can create the story, write the script and bring it your vision life!


We have almost 40 years of experience in every facet of theatrical entertainment, and themed attractions. We are seasoned design artists, writers and performers that know how to attract, delight and engage the audience. We understand, and have the experience and expertise, to develop the proper theatrical, and psychological, approach you need to captivate, engage and win your customers over.