Realistic, Fun, Attractive, Attention Grabbing Props and Creations.

From detailed set dressings, stage props, one of a kind over sized animated (& static) characters and creatures, to items that create an unforgettable immersive, interactive environment - No challenge is to small or big.

Props- Complete, Custom Set dressing for any theatrical, retail, amusement or entertainment centers. Theme & encahnce any existing decor!

 Custom Props

with Unique Effects  Our Specialty!


Scenic Design




Detail props and scenery to capture and amaze guest. Imaginart Studios can enhance any educational and family venue experience. Creative Fun.
Imaginart Studios has extensive experience in the fabricatioin of all types of props, set dressing, and scenery.

Props for Any Type of Venue

Museum replicas to stage, there is nothing we can't create !

Props for Themed Events, Advertising or Marketing, Theatre, and Special Events

Advertising Stunt or Buzz Event


Need a special prop or effect for a advertising stunt or Buzz event? Talk to us - we'll make it happen!


We work with all kinds of Deadlines!


We have access to everything you need to get people talking!

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Imaginart Studios' Exclusive light weight, durable 1800's Horse Drawn Hearse. Popular Picture Op,Retail Kiosks,Parade Float, Themed Scenery

Imaginart Studios' Exclusive 1800's Horse Drawn Hearse.

Popular Picture Op, Retail Kiosks, Parade Float, Themed Scenery.

Durable - Light Weight - Authentic, Real Carriage Wheels, axles and metal under frame.

Easy to Assemble... We know - but it truly is. Easy storage.

Unique custom props for any special event, theatrical extravaganza or advertising Stunt.

Bring the "WOW" factor to any Special Event, Theatrical Extravaganza, or Advertising Stunt!

We have extensive experience in fabrication and production of all types of props, and scenic decor to make your Special Event, Theatrical Production, or Marketing Display stand out above the others!

One-off Props No Problem