Buckhorn Museum and Saloon


Imaginart  Studios was part of a two year renovation of one of americas most unique Museums.  Phase one was to  bring  new exciting, family

oriented exhibits to the museum to attract a new generation of guests.

two concepts were developed, the first one was the Carnival of Curiosities, and themed exhibit of optical illusions. One area featured a tribute to the "Mystery Fun Spots" that appeared along Rt 66 back in the day. These houses, "defied gravity", and guests were amazed as water ran uphill, and they could stand or swing at crazy angles!

Re-creating this house along with other themed areas like the Mystery Mine shaft were alot of fun for us.


Phase two began the next year as we developed realistic scenic environments for one of the largest collections of taxidermy animal species in the world. Asia, North America, Alaska, The Oceans, Africa, were some of the galleries that we created detailed scenery and graphics to highlight some of these amazing animals.

The Narrative tour that guests hear was also researched and written by us , as well as producing the Voice over and sound.


The Buckhorn was certainly one of our favorite recent projects !

We had a chance to use all of our skills in show development, video, audio, and scenic design and fabrication.