Our creative custom characters have been so popular because of the unique opportunity we offer our customers of custom voice overs that entertain and interact with guests. Another unique feature is that some of our animated characters can be changed from season to season, making them very versatile and affordable. Our Freddy Bear can double for Halloween and Christmas with a few simple changes!

Our new line of animated characters is growing every year and for family friendly events as well as the Halloweem industry.


We can Custom design a character for you , or take your character and bring him to life!

Give us a call to discuss your ideas. We love challenges and can find an affordable solution to meet your needs.

American Haunters Collection animated Freddy Bear. Customized with scripted voice overs to appropriate fit in with any themed event.

Visit our  Haunt Industry Products and Services website for more information - or call us at 845.632.6439

Pumpkinman Scarecrow Friendly Scarecrow & Raven:

These figures can also be changed to go from " Scary to Friendly".

Animated Raven

Host and greeter character

House of Frankenstein Museum

Zombie Dog

Lunges and Foams at the mouth!

Demon Door

Haunted House animated prop

Video effect eyeballs incorporated

into animated door panels.

D.A.T The friendly robot produced for American Sci Tech Comic-con booth